Stampin’ Sunday-March 2018 Paper Pumpkin and April 2018 Paper Pumpkin GIVEAWAY

Hey Stampers! Don’t miss out on seeing March 2018 Paper Pumpkin projects and an alternative March 2018 Paper Pumpkin project that I came up with just using everything from the kit, an envelope album! There is an opportunity in my video to WIN next month’s Paper Pumpkin kit, April 2018 Paper Pumpkin, as a GIVEAWAY! YAY! Watch for the secret question, make sure you are subscribed and have hit the bell, and then answer the secret question in the comments over on this video on Youtube!

Paper Pumpkin is an amazing subscription and now is the time to join because if you are a NEW SUBSCRIBER you can get your first two months 50% OFF!!! I’m jealous!!  Get all you need to make beautiful projects  and at HALF OFF! Watch my video to check out the kit and lots of projects it can make !

Sign up HERE!! —-> Paper Pumpkin Store:

Reach out to me with any questions you have 🙂

Stay Connected with me…. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Stampin’ Sunday-March 2018 Paper Pumpkin and April 2018 Paper Pumpkin GIVEAWAY

  1. I loved your video demonstration of the cards and album you made with this Paper Pumpkin box.I agree with you that it is a gorgeous box set. If only all the boxes were like this, I would definitely join Paper Pumpkin since I really only make cards. To answer your secret question, I usually have the news on or listen to music. I have been able to follow you on pinterest, but for some reason I am having trouble connecting to your facebook page. Any suggestions?

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