Plan with Me: Alice in Wonderland Weekly Planner Layout

Join me friends in learning more how to be more successful in our side hustles in direct sales 🙂 I will be making my week’s planner layout in my Happy Planner using FREE Alice in Wonderland Planner Sticker Print Outs and my Brother Scan and Cut 2 to easily make these printables into stickers!

Please leave a comment below of what questions you may have that I can make videos on about direct sales and / or planning!


This video will give you a break down of how I plan out my week in order to help my side businesses, myself, and my team!

You like anything that I use in my video??
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Check out the Brother Scan and Cut 2 Here:
Check out the Happy Planner I am using here:
Check out the sticker paper that I used from Avery:

Here are the stickers that I used:

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